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The energy engagement platform that brings utilities closer to their business customers.

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See what’s in it for you.

Improves Satisfaction

Gives your customers what they want, an opportunity to reduce their energy costs and access to real energy intelligence.

Engages Customers

Helps you engage with your customers through a dedicated portal that automates communication and boosts transparency.

Builds Loyalty

Creates loyal customers who see you as their trusted energy partner for life who can help them on the journey to net-zero.

Generates Revenue

Makes it easier for your business customers to access energy efficiency through tailored recommendations.

Get closer to your customers with DEE.

Surple’s Digital Energy Expert (DEE) brings you closer to your business customers than ever before — creating an army of engaged customers who see you as their lifelong energy partner, not just a short-term fix to costly energy bills.

DEE helps you to reduce your cost-to-serve, your churn rate and creates a platform where you can upsell tailored products and services to your customers. All-in-all creating an experience that your business customers love, trust and get real value from.


Less Churn

Utilities that offer DEE to their customers experience less churn.


More Efficient

Business customers that use DEE are more energy efficient on average.


Happier Clients

Businesses are happier on average when offered DEE by their utility.


More Upsells

Utilities sell more products and services to their customers through DEE.

Meet DEE. The Digital Energy Expert.

We created DEE to help business customers take control of their energy use and make more informed decisions about how, when and where they use energy through our simple three-step process.

  1. Check — Energy Health
  2. Detect — Energy Waste
  3. Improve — Energy Efficiency

DEE is a white-label product that makes energy efficiency easy for your customers. It automates energy analysis and shares insights from smart-meter data to help users improve their efficiency, whether through simple behavioural changes or by making smart investments in low-carbon tech.

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DEE would improve any businesses approach to energy efficiency. Since we started using DEE, we’ve identified savings of £30,000 a year and are expecting to save even more in the future.

Ross Cudlipp, Energy Manager, Newport City Council

Flexible and affordable pricing.

We understand that all utilities work differently, and as a result, our pricing is flexible to your needs

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