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We build software to help organisations optimise their energy use.

By enhancing energy management through an intuitive analytics platform, we offer organisations visibility of their energy performance. Alongside this we help to develop behavioural change around sustainability through an engagement platform that gives employees the ability to understand their impact and learn how to reduce it.

What We Do

Improve Energy Efficiency

Our energy analytics tools offer you a greater understanding of where your organisation consumes energy and aids you in pinpointing areas of inefficiency.

Engage Your Employees

Utilising research-backed methods to develop behavioural change, our data-driven tools improve employee awareness and engagement with energy use.

Increase Transparency

Sleek dashboards and graphics allow you to effortlessly visualise performance for key metrics such as energy consumption and employee engagement.

Create Sustainable Businesses

In a society where a third of consumers prefer to buy from sustainable brands, we help you appeal to the growing demographic interested in ethical and sustainable practices.

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Visualise your organisation's performance intuitively with our data analytics platform

Our data analytics platform is designed to be used by anyone with energy management responsibilities. The easy-to-use interface makes energy analtyics simple, saving time that can be dedicated to improving the efficiencies in your buildings.

In addition to pure energy analytics, we allow you to monitor staff performance, track their engagement and compare this with your energy consumption.

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Change employee behaviours to increase efficiency and sustainability

We worked with a world-leading research centre in sustainable behavioural change to create an employee-facing platform to continually engage employees with sustainable practices.

Tailored, relevant content is delivered on a regular basis to anyone within your organisation with the power to increase efficiency and reduce waste.

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