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About Us

We build energy management software with the busy hotelier in mind. Our software helps large independent hotels, hotel chains and groups to optimise energy use across their assets without compromising on guest experience.

Energy is the second highest controllable cost in the hotel industry and plays a huge and often intensive role in delivering that ‘perfect stay’. We help hotels to reduce their energy demand through an intuitive software solution that saves hoteliers time, money and helps them to create a truly sustainable business.

What We Do


Understand where and when your hotel consumes energy, and pinpoint areas of inefficiency and waste.


Utilising research-backed methods of engagement alongside our analytics tools, we provide your people with data-driven, actionable insights to deliver savings.


Reduce energy consumption, which is better for the environment, your reputation and most importantly your bottom-line.


In a society where two-thirds of tourists would rather stay at a green hotel, we help you realise the potential of energy as a competitive advantage.

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Putting energy managers in all corners of your business

We have worked with a world-leading expert in sustainable behavioural change to create a method of engagement that really works. Our data analytics platform is designed to be used by anyone from housekeeping to the kitchen staff to the general manager.

The easy-to-use interface makes energy analytics simple, saving on precious time that can be focused on delivering a first-class guest experience.

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Making energy more personal

We deliver tailored and relevant insights to those within your hotel that have the power to make changes that can improve efficiency and reduce waste.

These nudges don’t just tell you about your energy use in kilowatt hours - they help you to understand the patterns and trends with which your energy is being consumed, identify anomalies and create insights based off of your hotel’s existing business intelligence such as room occupancy, leisure or conference bookings and restaurant sales.

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Energy optimisation at scale

Energy has historically been difficult to manage and act upon as suppliers do not cater for specific industries. We give you the ability to monitor, track and measure performance of energy use at scale, whether that be at a single site or across an entire portfolio.

A better understanding of energy consumption at each site provides group managers, hotel managers and anyone with responsibility for energy with actionable and relevant insights to reduce energy demand.

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Our Team

We are a team of software developers, human behaviourists and data scientists that came together to change the way people see energy. Our mission is to create more sustainable, responsible people through the use of technology.

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Peter Allan

Managing Director
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Cody Bond

Technical Director
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Sean Oldfield

Operations Director
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Owen Morgan

Product Director