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Energy Management Software For All Your Energy Data

Surple connects to electricity, gas, water and generation data — allowing you to monitor and manage all your energy data in one place.

Consumption Visualisation Tool in the energy management software
Linear regression tool in the energy management software
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See what’s in it for you.

Build a complete picture.

Manage all of your electricity, gas, water and generation data in one system.

Spend your time on what's important.

Let Surple automate repetitive tasks such as sending reports, calculating degree days or importing data.

Get insights only Surple can give.

Take advantage of Surple's unique insights and machine learning capabilities to find problems faster.

Make your data work for you.

Share data and insights quickly using collaboration tools and an in-built messaging system.

Dive into the details.

Take your energy management to the next level with features such as anomaly detection, regression analysis and so much more.

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Surple’s energy management software would improve any organisation’s energy strategy. We’ve already identified savings in excess of £30,000 a year and are expecting to save even more in the future.

Ross Cudlipp, Energy Manager, Newport City Council

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