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The Future Of Energy Analytics Software

Surple is the trusted energy analytics software for multi-site organisations that streamlines your workflow and delivers efficiency savings in every feature.

For the Visionary Energy Manager

Supplier Agnostic

We can monitor your data no matter where it's coming from.

Utility Diverse

Understand your electricity, gas and water data, all in one place.

Generation Enabled

Track the energy that you've generated as well as the energy you've consumed.

Silo Breaking

Intuitive tools to help communicate energy to the rest of your organisation.

Machine Learning

Algorithms that do the hard work so you don't have to.

Scales Simply

Effectively manage your portfolio without friction.

Mockup of the energy newsfeed in the energy analytics software
Mockup of the software dashboard in the energy management software

Detailed Energy Reports Just A Few Clicks Away

Generate insightful analytics for yourself and others in your organisation with ease.

Organisation-wide consumption, spend and carbon reporting

Send reports to relevant stakeholders, even if they're not users

Run degree-day regressions using built-in weather data

Truly Intelligent Energy Analytics

Automatic alerts that notify you of unexpected consumption, powered by machine learning.

Extract energy usage patterns to pinpoint waste

Be notified of extreme consumption, no set-up required

Mockup of the energy visualisation tool in the energy management software
mockup of site map in the software

Portfolio Energy Management Made Simple

Visualise energy usage and identify inefficiencies across your entire portfolio of assets with an informative dashboard.

Save time with point of interest highlighting

Collaborate to resolve site issues quickly and effectively

Normalise your data to analyse usage fairly

Track the success of energy management projects

Alarms And Targets That Work For You

Flexible tools that help you hit your consumption, spend or carbon goals.

Can be created for any utility type

Set spend targets to keep within budget

Track your environmental impact by creating carbon targets

Distribute alarms to the right person, in the right place, at the right time

Mockup of software targets panel in the software

Sound Good?

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