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Surple's Digital Energy Expert (DEE) gives you simple instructions on where you can make the best savings.

DEE simply removes the pain points associated with managing energy across organisations of all sizes. The system is compatible with all types of utility data and is supplier agnostic, meaning data can be accessed from any source or supplier.


Save energy now with personalised insights

Energy data analysed

We make it easy to understand how your business uses energy in our simple software tool. It gives you everything you need to measure your carbon footprint, identify where your business could be more efficient and to start saving money.

Automated insights

Our machine-learning algorithms detect when and where you are wasting energy across your business and automatically notifies you when energy-saving opportunities arise.

Savings uncovered

Taking inspiration from our many years of industry know-how we realise that energy management is not everyone’s first language. We make everything simple and provide timely and actionable insight straight to your inbox.

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Key Features

Dynamic Analytics

Investigate your energy consumption for any combination of assets, across any period of time.

Effortless Reporting

Generate insightful energy and carbon reports for yourself and others in your organisation with ease.

Anomaly Detection

Automatic alerts that notify you of unexpected consumption and energy waste, all powered by machine learning.

Meet DEE

Your very own Digital Energy Expert
DEE is with you every step of the Net Zero journey.

By giving you the tips, tricks and tools to save on your energy bills we can get going and then it's down to DEE's AI-engine to start working out where you can improve over time. 

DEE will begin to make recommendations of the best solutions for your business. Helping you to invest your time and money wisely in the best solutions that will get your business to Net Zero.
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