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Surple helps you understand how your buildings interact with energy, so you can take action to improve efficiency.


Data Diversity

Surple is compatible with all types of utility data. Users can have their electricity, gas, water and generation data automatically imported into Surple for analysis. This is true for mains meter data, sub-meter data and data collected from IoT devices. With Surple, you’ll no longer need to use five different systems to manage your energy.

Screenshot of the Surple analytics features

Dynamic Analytics

Surple’s analytical tools allow you to investigate your energy consumption for any combination of assets, across any period of time. You can visualise your data in different contexts such as kWh, cost or CO2 equivalent. Exporting charts in CSV or image format is effortless, and you can even save your favourite queries, cutting out repetitive actions.

Screenshot of the Surple alarm features

Flexible Alarming

Using Surple, you can create alarms to control your consumption, cost or carbon and receive alerts as soon as thresholds get exceeded. Surple includes a variety of different alarm types for different situations, including single interval and aggregate alarms. Alarms are flexible, you can apply them to one meter or several, across any combination of days.

Screenshot of the Surple expected consumption features

Expected Usage Analysis

Surple automatically calculates your expected energy consumption based on your historical usage patterns and highlights areas that may be of interest. Our model understands seasonal and weekly cycles and can also recognise changes to usage over time.

Screenshot of the Surple target features

Target Tracking

It is simple to create long term goals, such as annual energy spend or net-zero targets with Surple. Targets are flexible and can be usage, cost or carbon focused. They can be applied to one meter or a combination of meters, for a period of your choice. You can also track the progress of targets via email notifications and update posts.

Surple energy analytics software

Anomaly Detection

Surple’s machine-learning algorithm automatically alerts you of extreme energy consumption based on your historical usage patterns. Anomaly detection is a great way to identify faulty equipment or careless behaviour. You can choose to receive email notifications to keep on top of anomalies, and you can visualise anomalies on charts to work out exactly what went wrong.

Screenshot of the Surple portfolio visualisation features

Portfolio Visualisation

Surple’s sites view enables you to see the energy consumption of your entire portfolio of assets in a dynamic, highly informative dashboard. You can record additional information for sites such as their operating hours, size or the number of occupants to normalise your data, allowing for fairer analysis.

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Screenshot of the Surple virtual meters features

Virtual Meters

With virtual meters, you can create formula-based objects by performing mathematical operations across real meters, constants and other numeric values. Virtual meters can be analysed and interrogated on charts, just like any other meter, and are valuable when managing complex meter hierarchies.

Screenshot of the Surple comparison features

Relevant Comparisons

Surple’s analytical and reporting features make it easy to compare energy consumption across different meters or periods. Since Surple allows you to record all of your energy-saving projects, you can even assess project success by comparing the energy consumption of a meter before and after implementation.

Surple energy analytics degree day feature

Regression Analysis

Surple’s weather data integration allows you to run degree day regressions at the click of a button and an informative Degree Days page makes it easy to understand whether you are heating or cooling your buildings effectively. Weather factors such as temperature, wind speed and rainfall can also be applied to analytical charts to compare with your energy usage.

Screenshot of the Surple report features

Effortless Reporting

Surple has an ever-growing library of reports, full of features, that are sure to satisfy your needs and the needs of your stakeholders. Generating a report only takes a moment and can save you hours that you would’ve spent in excel. You can save reports for later, and can even schedule PDF reports to be sent out via email on specific days to yourself and other contacts.

Screenshot of the Surple time-dependent billing feature

Time Dependent Billing

Monitor your business energy costs more accurately using Surple’s time-dependent billing feature. Billing in Surple is highly flexible. You can set a price per unit and apply this to all of your sites. Or, you can set specific energy prices for different sites depending on the day of the week and the time of the day. Prices set on the Billing page get supplied to all areas of Surple, so energy spend values in reports and on the dashboard remain accurate.

Screenshot of the Surple dashboard features

Striking Dashboards

The Surple dashboard is perfect for quickly visualising your portfolio’s energy performance. From the dashboard, you can see your highest and lowest consuming sites and the progress of your targets and alarms. The dashboard is fully customisable; you can select the contexts in which you want to see your consumption, as well as set your favourite utility type. The Surple dashboard also contains a newsfeed that notifies you of energy updates.

Surple energy analytics messaging

Perfect For Teams

Surple is full of features that make collaborative energy management easier. With Surple’s built-in messaging system, you can work through site issues or raise project suggestions with the rest of your team. You can also effortlessly share charts, alarms, targets or anomaly updates with the rest of your team and even stakeholders that aren’t Surple users.

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