How It Works - Surple - Make Smarter Energy Decisions

Getting set up is easy.

When you decide to partner with Surple, getting DEE into the hands of your customers is easy and can be broken down into three key steps.


DEE gets a quick makeover.

When you partner with Surple, we make sure that DEE looks amazing first. A quick makeover makes the white-label product look like a part of your toolkit for customer success, and then it's ready to receive your business customer's energy data.


We connect your customer's energy data.

We need an automated data export of your customer's energy consumption. We'll collect some information from you and work with you to set up the necessary data connections. After this, DEE is all set to go out to your customers.


Users activate their DEE account.

After setting up the data connections, we'll send emails to all of your DEE users telling them that their account is ready-to-go. This simple email contains all the information that they'll need to activate their account and log in to DEE for the first time. Our automated onboarding process collects metadata that helps us create tailored insights for each user and personalise the communications they receive.


It's time to make energy savings!

It's time for your users to realise the full benefits of having their very own digital energy expert. As soon as they log in, they can start digging into their energy data, and behind the scenes, we'll start uncovering unique insights about their energy use.

This is your chance to provide upsells that complement the insights generated by DEE that help these customers to be leaner and cleaner whilst you improve additional revenue along the way — creating a sustainable business model that everyone is on board with!

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