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MPAN Scanner

You can use our handy MPAN Scanner to check if a 21-digit Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) is valid and to find out useful information about the electricity supply.

  • Check if an MPAN is valid.
  • Find the profile class of a supply point.
  • Identify a supply point's distributor.

Enter your 21-digit electricity MPAN below:


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If you think the MPAN should be valid, please double check you've entered the information correctly and try again.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an MPAN?

A Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN), also known as Supply Number or S-Number, is a 21-digit reference used in the UK to identify electricity supply points such as individual domestic residences or business premises.

What are MPANs used for?

The MPAN system was introduced in 1998 to help simplify administration, making it easier for consumers to switch their supplier. Other third-parties such as Energy Management Software companies often require MPANs when connecting meters to their systems.

What information do I need to enter into each section of the scanner?

To use the MPAN scanner, you’ll need to enter your full 21-digit MPAN. The sections of the form represent the Profile Class, Meter Time Switch Code, Line Loss Factor, Distributor ID, Meter Point ID Number and Check Digit of an MPAN. You’ll need to complete the sections of the form as shown in the below image:

diagram of an mpan and its sections

Where can I find my MPAN?

Your MPAN can be found on your electricity bill. You can also request your MPAN by speaking to your electricity supplier.

What does an MPAN look like on my bill?

An MPAN is separated into two sections: the core and the top-line data. The core is the final 13 digits and is the unique identifier. The top-line data gives information about the characteristics of the supply and is the responsibility of the supplier.

diagram of an mpan and its sections

I'm getting a valid result. What does this mean?

If the tool outputs a valid result, this means that you’ve filled out all of the fields correctly and the information you’ve entered such as Profile Class and Distributor ID is correct. A valid result also means your check code passed. This is a mathematical code that all valid MPANs abide by.

I'm getting an invalid result. What does this mean?

An invalid result could mean several things. The mathematical check code operation could’ve returned the wrong result. The Profile Class and Distributor ID you entered may not be valid. Or, you may have not completed the form correctly. Please double check you’ve entered all of the fields, using only numbers and not letters, and try again.

What is a Profile Class?

The first two digits of the top-line of an MPAN reflect its Profile Class. The Profile Class indicates the expected behaviour of the electricity supply. Examples include half-hourly supply and domestic unrestricted.

What is a Distributor?

Your distributor is the company, known commonly as a Distribution Network Operator (DNO), that carries electricity from the National Grid to the exit points. DNOs charge electricity suppliers for carrying the electricity in their network.

Great Britain is made up of fourteen distribution areas. For each region, a single company has the licence to distribute electricity. Examples include Western Power Distribution and Northern Powergrid.

In addition to the distribution network operators, there are also independent distribution network operators (IDNOs). These own and operate electricity distribution networks which are mostly network extensions connected to the existing distribution network, e.g. to serve new housing developments.

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