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Our pricing is determined by the number of meters you connect to Surple. Use the slider to work out the price of a subscription for your business.

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I want to connect 10 meters.

£96.00 / month

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Surple's definition of a meter?

We define a meter as any distinct stream of data connected to Surple. We use the word meter to describe mains meters, sub-meters and IoT devices of all units and values. For example, if you wanted to connect one gas mains meter, one electricity mains meter and five electricity sub-meters we would define this as 7 meters. If you’re unsure about how many meters you need to connect to Surple, book in with a member of our sales team and they’ll guide you through it.

I'm an energy consultancy with multiple clients, do I need a Surple subscription for each one?

The simple answer is no. You’ll only ever need to pay for one Surple account and will be charged based on the number of meters that you connect.

What is the minimum term for a contract with Surple?

There is no minimum term for a contract with Surple. We operate under a SaaS business model, meaning you pay monthly for access to the software and can cancel your subscription at any time.

How do I pay for Surple?

When you sign up to Surple, we’ll start sending you monthly invoices that you can pay via bank transfer. If you’d prefer to be invoiced quarterly or even annually, this is no problem, just let a sales representative know.

Does your pricing change depending on the number of users associated with a business account?

No. At Surple, we do not increase our prices when you add more users to your organisation. We’d encourage you to add as many users as you need. The only thing that affects our price is the number of meters you connect to the platform.

Do you also offer hardware solutions?

No. There are some fantastic energy hardware products out there, and we don’t believe we need to manufacture our own.

What we can do though, is connect all of the data from those existing solutions into one single tool.

How long do I have to wait until I can start using Surple after signing up?

It typically takes about a week until your Surple account is fully prepared for you to use. There are four key steps to getting set up with Surple. For more information on these steps, check out our How It Works page.

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