Our Product

Identifying energy saving projects is a time-consuming process. Deciding which projects will save money requires strong proof and considerable experience. Engaging staff on the energy-saving journey is essential but it can be a practical nightmare.

Our product integrates energy management into every day management so that energy-saving decisions become commonplace across your organisation.

The Surple Method

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Visualising your data allows you to see your energy consumption in a context that’s meaningful to you. Our automated smart analysis tool delivers insights to enable better decision-making.

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We give you the tools to increase energy awareness across your organisation, creating accountability for your site-managers whilst maintaining the connection to the central team.

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Our embedded behavioural methodologies ‘nudge’ staff to take care of the low-hanging fruit. Surple allows you to engage your key stakeholders with data-driven evidence to make energy-saving investments.


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Identifying energy-waste intelligently

Heating and cooling degree-day regressions with simple explanations

Automated anomaly detection to alert you when your energy use is abnormally high or low

Smart targets that predict how much energy you should be consuming and is then compared to your actual usage

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Engaging the workforce effectively

Targeted emails and notifications to give quick and useful insights to staff

Issue reporting and tracking to monitor problems across your sites

Shareable graphs to simplify problem-solving in your organisation

Feedback-collection loop to identify potential risks and prioritise action

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Making energy-saving decisions simple

Data-driven recommendations to inform site-managers

Automated identification of best and worst performing sites to support targeted investments

Nudges to the right person at the right time to alert them of energy-waste

Reports designed to make energy understandable so you can win your board over