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DEE in more detail.

DEE helps business customers take control of their energy use and make more informed decisions about how, when and where they use energy through our simple Check, Detect, Improve methodology.

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Energy Dashboard

The DEE dashboard is perfect for businesses that want to assess their energy performance quickly. Businesses can see their highest and lowest consuming sites from the dashboard and get an update on how often their alarms are being triggered.

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Powerful Analytics

DEE is full of analytical tools that allow businesses to investigate their energy consumption for any combination of meters across any period. Businesses can even visualise their data in different contexts such as kWh, cost or carbon equivalent.

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Flexible Alarming

Using DEE, businesses can set alarms to control their consumption, cost or carbon and receive alerts as soon as thresholds get exceeded. Alarms are super flexible. Businesses can apply them to one meter or several across any combination of days.

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Surple energy analytics software

Anomaly Detection

DEE is powered by a machine-learning algorithm that can automatically alert businesses of extreme energy consumption. Anomaly detection is a great way to identify faulty equipment or careless behaviour. Businesses can choose to receive email notifications to keep on top of anomalies or visualise anomalies on charts to work out exactly what went wrong.

Screenshot of the Surple portfolio visualisation features

Portfolio Visualisation

DEE enables businesses to view the energy consumption of their entire portfolio of assets in a dynamic, highly informative dashboard. They can even record additional information for sites such as their operating hours, size or the number of occupants to normalise their data, allowing for fairer analysis.

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Relevant Comparisons

DEE's analytical and reporting features makes it easy for businesses to compare energy consumption across different meters or periods. Since DEE allows you to record all of your energy-saving projects, you can even assess project success by comparing the energy consumption of a meter before and after implementation.

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