Surple team illustration

The Team

We are a team of software developers, human behaviourists and data scientists that have come together to change the way people see energy.
Photograph of Peter Allan, Managing Director of the Surple team

Peter Allan

Chief Executive Officer
Photograph of Sean Oldfield, Chief Marketing Officer in the Surple team

Sean Oldfield

Chief Marketing Officer
Photograph of Owen Morgan, Technical Director of the Surple team

Owen Morgan

Chief Technology Officer
Photograph of David Parr, Head of Data Science in the Surple team

David Parr

Head of Product
Photograph of Lorraine Whitmarsh, advisor to the Surple team

Lorraine Whitmarsh

Board Advisor

Professor of Environmental Psychology at Cardiff University

Simon Gibson, advisor to Surple team

Simon Gibson


Chief Executive, Wesley Clover Wales


Russell Phillips

Non-executive Director

Vice President of Facilities & Development at Celtic Manor Resort

Our Partners